Currently PhD candidate at LUISS University (Rome). He recently spent one semester as researcher at Humboldt University (Berlin) and one year as Visiting Fellow at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA). He is also member of the Council for European Studies (CES) at Columbia University since 2014. He speaks fluently English, Spanish and Italian. He taught a course at Freie Universit├Ąt of Berlin in the Summer term 2018. Matteo has given lectures and presented papers in several worldwide institutions, such as universities in the U.S.A., Italy, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Finland and U.K.

Matteo is also part of international networks and initiatives:

- Co-Founder - World Nexus

World Nexus is a club for students and young experts of international relations, diplomacy and global politics

- Political Science Editorial Committee - EuropeNow

EuropeNow is the new online monthly journal by CES

- Coordinator Junior Research Group - TAB Risk

TAB is a network which gathers together diplomats and experts of international studies

- member of DemocracyNet.eu

A non-partisan and non-profit association of researchers indemocracy studies.



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